• “和博展合作已经超过三年了,他们是目前我们合作的境外媒体公关中最专业,最负责,也是最高效的。我们早已不只是商务合作伙伴的关系了。更是战友,朋友。”

    厦门国际时尚周传播总监 郑艳
  • “Proexpo has been an excellent partner. They always represent their clients well, are staunch advocates, and take a great deal of care in their work. We've worked with them for 3 years they've always delivered, had excellent customer service, and clear communication. Proexpo is a great global partner!”

    Raoul Davis 福布斯专栏记者
  • “非常了解海外媒体操作流程, 经验也很丰富,能教会我们很多海外媒体的传播知识;服务很专业到位,反应速度很快,海外媒体的资源很丰富,行业种类很全,且策划能力很强, 能给我们很好的传播建议。”

    迪思公关媒介总监 李锦静
  • “Working with Proexpo Communications has been a great experience since it has brought to me the opportunity to meet with Chinese organizations at highest level, undoubtedly Proexpo in one of the top-rated PR agencies, connecting companies overseas.”

    Jorge Contreras 彭博社科技记者
  • “谢谢博展提供的海外传播平台,专业,高效,传播性强,协助并提升广大中国IT企业在海外的品牌拓展事业。祝博展未来的全球传播业务更好更强!”

    瑞芯微科技 市场传播总监 邢燕燕
  • “From advances in technology to the fastest-growing outbound tourism market, the world’s eyes are on China right now and Proexpo keeps our media up-to-date on the latest developments from Chinese brands and enterprises. They know the market and understand the needs of foreign media, which facilitates a faster, more efficient flow of information. Working with the Proexpo team is always a pleasure and I enthusiastically recommend their services for Chinese brands looking to make an impact in the U.S. and other overseas markets.”

    Josh Kahn USA Today 撰稿人及News Day 专栏记者
  • “博世界媒体聚焦,展中国制造精粹。”

    中电信息集团大客户总监 杨晓东
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